Why don't you go with Isabelle?

Kamiya can't decide.

For how long did the Maya culture flourish?

She can not have said such a thing.

She disappeared with no documents.

Can you tell me how much a ticket costs?

He went out in spite of the storm.


Julian is a normal, healthy little boy.

Rich is he who has no debts, fortunate he who lives without illness.

Linley owes us an explanation.


You should never say "never".

Come back inside.

The naive man blushed with shame.

There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.

Theosophy is a system of belief based on mystical insight into the nature of God and the soul.

Have you been to London before?

I want you to like him.


Bryce hugged his dog.

I found the new magazine very interesting.

You shouldn't judge a person by his appearance.

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Antonella struggled to keep up with his classmates.

I thought I had seen Ellen somewhere before.

I need to exercise.

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This line shows the longitude.

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Have a satsuma for dessert.

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Let her live.

I'll go if it's fun.

Why is Dorothy being so nice to us?

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I see the girl is beautiful.


You're not looking.

Tomorrow we shall go from Frankfurt to Munich.

Kathleen finishes his shift at 2:30.

I've never finished reading the books that I don't like.

Can I borrow yours?


With this module you can make the Enter key generate an event.


The baby takes after his mother.

Tell me where I am.

He uses the same dictionary as I do.

Have you been fighting with the boy next door again?

That's absurd!


Don't you feel better?


You'll bring her, won't you?

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I'll arrange everything.

When I imagined imaginary images I imagined that my imagination imagined all the images, imagine when your imagination imagines images that even you can't imagine.

Why are they so upset?


Dieter has lost his interest in studying French.


To my surprise, her reply was flatly negative.


That was the night I first met Suwandi.

Don't threaten me. I won't say anything.

I haven't talked to her yet.

For your information, I won't be coming to class next week.

I would have gotten conceited.

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I'm talking with a friend at the moment; I'll get in touch with you in just a moment.

You are not allowed to enter that room.

What's the minimum salary in Italy?


I can take this to them.

Elbonia is a humanitarian superpower.

Herbert may eat anything he wants.

They assigned the task to us.

Do you have a stopwatch?


You can reach me at the address written here.

Vicki finally understood it.

Takao is always home at night.


The sea is infested with sharks.


The hunger for facile wisdom is the root of all false philosophy.

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I do wish we could finish today.

School bores me.

What're they doing?

I'll be upstairs if you need me.

You have made a foul move.

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Mott has a good personality.

Amir sat on the curb.

Collin tried to win Jan back.

Tell them to stop staring at me.

John claimed that the dishonest salesman had tricked him into buying a useless piece of machinery.

These days, the motives for marriage are not necessarily pure.

Jock knew better than to ask Knut such a stupid question.

He lost his rag.

Did you beat them all?

How many of your friends have beards?

Don't play with fire.


I would not have you other than you are.

It's dangerous to play around the fire.

Rayan picked up the letter and read it.

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We're about to go out on patrol.

Women don't usually want to talk with me.

There is more than enough room for another car.

The water isn't boiling yet.

A pocket with a hole in it will never be full.


What you give to the nasty, you always regret.

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I love Roberta so much.


Try to check the flow of water by turning the valve.

He is pleased with his new car.

Afghans need our support to develop their economy and to help them reconstruct their nation.

We want them to follow us.

Nate glanced round the room.


They will trust you.


When he appeared, the party livened up.

How do you download a photo from this site?

I'm not willing to do that.

Not only did I eat pilaf, but I also ate kebabs.

I'd like to go to the hair salon this weekend, if I feel like it.

Syd fixed the fence.

How do I change my cell phone's ringtone?


Geoff knew there was no point in denying it.

I want to speak to whoever is in charge here.

Laurianne took the rope from Rod.

The Internet has spoken.

I went back to my seat.

Danger! High voltage.

He is the governor's longtime companion.

This artist has a very distinctive style

Love is for lunatics.


To our surprise, Betty won the trophy.

For many are called, but few are chosen.

The government said that a new approach was in the offing.

What are you going to do for Rakhal?

On receiving your letter, A sat down to answer it.

Did you check all the items on the shopping list?

Pantelis and Blair were very generous hosts and made us feel right at home at their place.


I was told to go not by boat but by plane, which advice I followed.

If there even are people more beautiful than you, there won't be many of them.

Whatever story I tell, Mother believes me.

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I hope nothing bad will happen.


He liberated the people from bondage.


As we don't use these things, we give them to whoever needs them.

Where is the baggage for flight JL 123?

Matthias looked around the room, but couldn't see Vernon.

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What is a UFO?

We were surprised how fast the police were there.

Deirdre and Darryl were also there.

I wanted to hear Rodent confess.

He was robbed of his money on the street.

Take care! It's dangerous to drive drunk.

I'm going to work out the problem by myself.

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I shouldn't have taken it.

Are these gestures used in the USA?

Old people are usually very wise.

Lukas salted his egg.

Your submission is great! Congratulations!

He is like a frog in a well.

I was anxious for his success.


How close are you to him?

His house confronts mine.

I'd like to have ketchup on the side.

She sounded intrigued.

I have shaved and cut myself.

Where did you find that doll?

See you at Chizhik-Pyzhik monument.


I have a feeling that he knows the secret.

The period is referred to as the Stone Age.

Tad appears distressed.

I hesitate a little.

I see through you.


Olof has no choice but to go.

Suzan comes here every now and then.

Don't peek.